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What type of auto insurance do I need as a contractor?

Not sure whether you need a personal or commercial auto insurance policy?

There are many factors that will determine how you should insure your vehicle. Some things that are considered are:

  • How the vehicle is Used
  • Who owns and drives the vehicle
  • The type and weight of the vehicle
  • Required Business Liability Limits

Most standard contracts with general contractors, project owners and developers require that you have:

  • $1,000,000 Limits of Liability
  • Hired & Non-Owned Coverage
  • Additional Insured Status
  • Certificates of Insurance


Still not sure where you fit in? That’s okay, we’ve got you covered.

We have a designated Construction Risk Insurance Specialist on our team. We can provide insurance solutions to contractors of all trades and sizes. We represent competitive insurance companies and can help you find a policy that fits your company’s needs. We’ll make sure that you, your business and your employees are protected.

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What Information do I need to get an auto quote?

  • Your current insurance policy Declarations Page (Dec Page)

Your Dec Page lists how much and what types of insurance you currently have. We’ll use this document to make judgments on what kind of insurance would suite you best. It doesn’t matter if your current Dec Page is for commercial or personal auto insurance.

Providing proof of continuous insurance can also get you a significant discount on your policy!

If you don’t have a Dec Page but are currently insured, we can contact your current insurance provider to get the needed information. If you don’t currently have insurance that is okay. We can still process a quote for you, we’ll just need additional information to assess your company’s needs.

  • Driver’s license numbers and basic driving histories for all drivers

We will be able to determine the risk factors by reviewing your driving records on file with the DMV using your driver’s license numbers. These factors will determine your estimated premiums.

If anyone has a Commercial Driver’s License this should be noted as well. Some discounts may be added if an employee has held this license for a considerable amount of time.

Please note the month and year of any accidents or traffic violations in the past five years.

If you don’t have Driver’s license numbers for all employees, simply give us an overview of their driving history to the best of your ability. We can still process a quote without that information. However, if actual driving records reveal accidents or violations the quoted rates are subject to change.

  • VIN numbers, plus knowledge of each vehicles features

If you have installed any extra features in your vehicle that enhance its safety they might save you extra money on your insurance premiums. Some examples could be “anti-theft” systems or “side-impact airbags”.

If you don’t have the VIN numbers for your vehicles have the information regarding the vehicle’s make, model, and year accessible.


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