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What does Contractor’s Equipment Insurance cover?

Is your equipment protected?

Missing or damaged equipment can be detrimental to a contractor’s business. Not only does the replacement cost of the equipment take a toll, but also your business reputation could be damaged if you’re unable to take on new business opportunities.

You might not be able to protect your business from all potential threats of fire, vandalism or thievery, but you can make sure that your business is covered with Contractor’s Equipment Insurance.

Have you ever been charged a hefty bill for Loss Damage Fees or Rental Protection Plans from your vendor? Well with Contractor’s Equipment Insurance you no longer need to worry about that – your policy will cover those costs.

Contractor’s Equipment Insurance can cover:

– Replacement cost

– Protection for leased, borrowed or rented equipment

– Protection for smaller tools, including employee tools

If something happens to a piece of your equipment your insurance can actually expedite the replacement process and get your new equipment in your hands quicker so you can keep your business going. It’s also good to know that as your business grows adding additional equipment to your policy will be easy.

We’d love to show you the different options available for Contractor’s Equipment Insurance. No matter the unique needs your business has; we will find coverage that works for you!

We have a designated Construction Risk Specialist on our team. We are certified to provide insurance solutions to contractors of all trades and sizes. Let us help you find a policy that fits your business’ needs and make sure that you, your business and your employees are protected.

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