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What does Contractor’s Equipment Insurance cover?

Is your equipment protected? Missing or damaged equipment can be detrimental to a contractor’s business. Not only does the replacement cost of the equipment take a toll, but also your business reputation could be damaged if you’re unable to take on new business opportunities. You migh
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Builder standing on roof.

What is Builders Risk Insurance?

What is Builders Risk Insurance? Builders Risk Insurance, also known as Course of Construction, is a type of property insurance for buildings under construction. It protects the building and materials associated with your construction project. Contractors encounter many risk factors s
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Why do I need Professional Liability for my Contracting Business?

Why do I need Professional Liability for my Contracting Business? The line between contractors and design firms can often get blurry when you collaborate on ideas. If you give advice or input based on your professional experience you may become liable for professional services. Profes
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What is General Liability? Why do I need it for my contracting company?

By nature, construction and contracting businesses have many areas of possible risk. With each unique business comes its own set of risk factors. General Liability Insurance is able to provide coverage for a wide array of these risks. If you have a business building that clients could
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When does a contractor need to be an additional insured?

Do you have risk protection from the companies and sub-contractors that are helping you get the job done? As a contractor you are often working with other businesses and sub-contracting work for different services. It is important that when conducting your business in such a way you a
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