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Professional Liability Claim Examples

Some Professional Liability Claim Examples

E&O Claim Examples


A Computer Consultant was hired to create a new

computer system for a client. The client alleged the

new system was not functional and corrupted their

current system.


A Mortgage Broker failed to process a loan application

on a timely basis which resulted in the borrower losing

an agreed upon rate. Rates increased and the borrower

was unable to secure a comparable rate resulting in

significant excess interest paid.


A Safety Consultant professional liability claim resulted

when the claimant alleged the Insured’s critical inspection

report was not comprehensive enough to have prompted

the client to take precautionary measures to avoid an

explosion that resulted in one fatality and one severe injury.


A Medical Billing Company received a lawsuit from a

client for failing to submit and collect medical billings

for patient care to insurance companies on a timely basis.


A Computer Consultant was assisting a client with

their credit card processing from one vendor to another.

It was alleged that the Insured failed to follow their

own guidelines and procedures during the process and

mishandled sensitive account information.


A Property Manager professional liability claim

was filed involving a class action lawsuit alleging

the Insured reviewed the applicant’s eviction reports

without their consent.


A private school hired a Management Consultant to assist

them with employee recruitment activities. The suit alleges

the Insured performed an inadequate background check

and failed to identify the employee’s criminal history which

included a sexual assault on a minor.