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Why Buy Life Insurance?

To Protect a Mortgage

A primary reason for people to purchase life Insurance is to protect a mortgage. “Credit Life

Insurance” is often available but overpriced; it is usually less expensive for consumers to obtain

life insurance through a trusted advisor.

To Replace Income

Most families purchase life insurance to replace income in case one or both parents die.

Pregnancy/Birth of a Child

Most first-time life insurance purchases are the result of becoming a new parent/grandparent or

from having more children/grandchildren.

Marital Status Change

Marriage or divorce is a very logical time to purchase life insurance because new couples are

taking appropriate actions to protect their spouse in the event of a tragedy, and most divorce

decrees require it.

Job Changes

Promotions or change of employer stimulate life insurance purchases. Individuals in this

category are faced with new benefit packages, uncertain financial security, or they may simply

have a greater need for asset protection and coverage.

Death of a Loved One

Unfortunately, sometimes it takes a wake-up call to motivate people to buy life insurance. At

these times, financial burdens due to loss of life become very apparent for the survivors, proving

the value of life insurance.

Business Uses

Businesses have several uses for life insurance; most notably Key Person Insurance and

Insurance to Fund a Buy/Sell Agreement.

Advice from a Trusted Individual

When it comes to purchasing life insurance, consumers rely more on the advice of trusted

advisors than anything else (financial advisors, insurance agents, financial institutions.