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Dental Insurance and Dental Plans


1. Can I choose my own dentist?

Not all dentists are accepted by all plans. You might have to considered paying a little more for a plan your dentist accepts.

2. Will my dentist and I get to choose the best treatment for me?

Some plans may restrict payment to the cheapest treatment for a condition.

3. What will be covered?

Plans vary on what is covered. Some cover 2 cleanings per year with no fee or office visit. Others charge a copay. X-rays and fluoride treatments are also usually covered.

Some plans split the cost of your services, while others have an agreed upon billing rate with the dentists.

Some plans have waiting periods for certain treatments, while others do not.

IMPORTANT: Most plans have an annual maximum payout. This means that once the plan has paid out a certain amount, no other treatment will be covered in that year.

4. Will I be limited to when I can schedule an appointment?

Some dentists limit scheduling times for patients with certain insurance plans. It is up to you to check with your dentist.

5. What will I pay?

Dental insurance premiums are usually worth the cost. Once you determine the importance of the above factors, we can help you to select a plan that meets your needs and your budget.


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