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What is General Liability? Why do I need it for my contracting company?


By nature, construction and contracting businesses have many areas of possible risk. With each unique business comes its own set of risk factors. General Liability Insurance is able to provide coverage for a wide array of these risks.

If you have a business building that clients could visit and hurt themselves in you can be protected under General Liability Insurance. Likewise, if someone files a claim because they were injured due to structural damage on a deck you built, General Liability Insurance would protect you against that claim.

General Liability Insurance ensures that your company will be able to stay in business even if you are faced with an expensive claim.

Do you know what kind of General Liability your company needs? It’s a good idea to familiarize yourself with the variations of coverage you can get. General Liability Insurance typically covers the following third-party claims:

Bodily Injury Claims: Protects your business from costly lawsuits and accidents that happen on your premises.

Completed Products Claims: General Liability Insurance is able to protect your business against claims filed in relation to products and services you have completed.

Medical Expenses Claims: General Liability Insurance will cover the medical expenses of a visitor to your worksite who gets injured in an accident and is not an employee of your business.

Personal and Advertising Injury Claims: General Liability Insurance can protect you from legal accusations that your advertising or branding is copying that of another business.

Property Damage Claims: General Liability Insurance can protect you from allegations that your business damaged someone’s property or property use.

We have a designated Construction Risk Specialist on our team. We are certified to provide insurance solutions to contractors of all trades and sizes. Let us help you find a policy that fits your business’ needs and make sure that you, your business and your employees are protected.

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