Because you have better things to do than shop for insurance.

Did you know?

  • If your home is vacant for more than 30 days, you may not have insurance coverage?
  • Your insurance company can cancel your policy if they find out that the home is vacant?
  • Your insurance company can deny a claim if your home is vacant?
  • Lender will still hold you responsible for loans even if the insurance company denies your claim.
  • A vacant home attracts vandals.
  • A vacant home attracts curious and/or¬†mischievous¬†adolescents.
  • A vacant home leaves you open to loss AND liability!


Ways To Protect Yourself…

  1. Call Select Choice Insurance – We work with a number of insurance providers who offer a variety of insurance protection plans just for vacant homes.
  2. Don’t advertise that no one lives there. – Make the house still look lived it. Leave some furniture. Maintain the yard. Leave some lights on, or install timers so lights come on at night.
  3. Recruit the help of a neighbor or friend who lives nearby. – Have a neighbor park one of their cars in your driveway. Also ask them to keep an eye on the property and contact you for if anything changes.
  4. Stop all deliveries. – Cancel newspaper subscriptions and forward your mail.
  5. Be proactive in protecting your asset. – A vacant home leaves you open to many liabilities and losses. Buyers can cancel a contract if damages occur before closing. Banks can collect on debts even if there is a loss.

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