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Animal Liability Coverage


Have you run into a problem getting homeowners’ or renters’ insurance because of your dog?

Many insurance agencies and residential authorities restrict insurance coverage of pit bulls and bully breed dogs because they present extra liabilities. The reality is that this is a wide spread issue and it is contributing to the negative image of pit bulls and other bully breeds and, quite plainly, is discrimination.

We don’t agree that this sort of discrimination is fair. That’s why we want to help educate Pit Bull owners and lovers of the insurance options available to them.

We are able to obtain insurance that will cover dogs regardless of their breed.

We are also able to get coverage for dogs that may have a bite history after assessing their temperament and completing a risk management survey.

We can provide the insurance you need to comply with residential and government ordinances that may appear to be barriers from keeping your dog in a safe, loving home.

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*Our animal liability coverage extends to all animals, not just dogs. If you have another pet that needs insurance, even if it’s unique or exotic,  it can be covered under one of our policies!

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